January 02, 2008

The singer not the song

So, about cover versions...

For a long time I've thought of them mainly as rip-off versions, lesser alternatives, or at best tribute songs. Often, I hasten to say, that opinion is as truthful as it gets. But as I explained in my previous post, sometimes a new version can be as unique, as good, or even better than the original rendition.

Fabienne Delsol and the Bristols are not just contemporising older songs. Actually, if you'd say these songs were recorded 40 years ago it would be quite believable. That's not necessarily an exciting trick to pull off, but they somehow manage the whole authentic package without sounding old-fashioned at all. No matter how well I know the original recordings by the original artists, while listening to Fabienne singing I never get the feeling I'm hearing a mere update.

Quite an achievement, I'd say!

The songs they cover are mostly well chosen short songs, with fast paced grooves, and music that gets into your mind and refuses to leave. Tap your toes, sing along in your best French accent or dance around in your room. Go on, it's 2008! No need to hold back.

I added the original versions because they're great too, and this way you can see for yourself what happens with the 'Delsol-treatment'.

Happy New Year!

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Outsiders - Touch
2. The Bristols - Touch
3. Dave Clark Five - Can't you see that she's mine
4. The Bristols - Can't you see that he's mine
5. Serge Gainsbourg - Vilaines filles, mauvais garçons
6. Fabienne Delsol - Vilaines filles, mauvais garçons
7. France Gall - Laise tomber les filles
8. Fabienne Delsol - Laisse tomber les filles


L said...

How could there be no comments? This is fabulous. First, I assumed she was 'of the 60s' from the french tune I heard "Vilaines filles mauvais garcons," and was shocked to read on your blog that she is contemporary. And the fact that you went to the trouble of including the originals - well, I just can't thank you enough.

Dennis said...

I'm glad you liked it!