January 09, 2008

Winter in the city, part 2

I'm biking through the old city centre of Amsterdam, MP3-player playing, and not really paying... oh wait, I already wrote that.

But here I was again, biking back home from work, humming along to The Belles' Come back when suddenly I was on the ground, and with me some lady who'd crashed her bike into mine. Very much her fault only, but there's no shouting who's to blame when an old lady is on the ground fallen off her bike. She was ok, thank God. And so was her bike. Sadly, not mine. My front wheel is completely crooked, impossible to use.

For an exciting replay, here's The Belles (the 60s' garage girl group, not the 00s' male rock group).
Somewhere on the one minute mark, scream BOOM! and fall on the ground.

Download (Mediafire)
The Belles - Come back

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