February 25, 2008

A normal day

Waking up late, I skip breakfast.
I turn on the computer, listen to some music.
The sun shines outside, I go for a run in the park.
On returning, I grab a Philip Larkin collection and absent-mindedly read some poems.

It's a fine, but normal Sunday.

I start thinking about what to have for dinner.
The phone rings. My sister.
"You're an uncle!"

My nephew was born on this fine, but normal Sunday, 4:22 PM.

I get on the train to meet him.
Arriving, I see my sister beaming with happiness.
Arriving, I see my nephew perfect and asleep.

I'm back home on this fine, but normal Sunday.

I turn off the light and go to sleep, smiling.
If miracles as huge as this can happen on normal day like this,
Life can't be bad.

1 comment:

martijn said...

Do we congratulate someone with becoming an uncle? I think we do. Congratulations.

It's nice, isn't it? My sister gave birth to a son almost two years ago. Too bad me and the little fellow are in different countries now.