March 16, 2008

Food for thought?

Things that shouldn't be fun, but are, and things that could be fun, but aren't: the older I get, the more these seem to get mixed up.

That feeling, the one where you're getting ready - for a party for example - and you think "This is gonna be fun!", and then you just know that indeed it will be... I hardly get that anymore. Sadly one of the things that grew with me while growing older was my scepticism, or rather my 'ready to be disappointed'-attitude. On the plus side of that, it creates room for pleasant surprises every now and then.

One of many reasons why I'm so much in love with music it that it seems to exist outside that frame of life and growing older. Every night can be as fun as any other as long as there's indiepop, or whatever else musically exciting.

A friend visited me tonight. She baked me cookies. Cookies! Little unexpected things like that bring a real smile to my face. I'm aware that these real life things are much more valuable than listening to a new song, but the feeling is often alike. Indiepop, bring me some more cookies!

I'm always hungry.

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Songs for Girls said...

whoa! I might be big in size but by no means am I cool :p
Happy Birthday to ya :)
I'm afraid that you are officially old now, but that can be fun sometimes.