April 27, 2008

No news (is good news?)

Spring has finally delivered some sunshine. My girlfriend sadly is back in America. Musically, my biggest crush of the last few weeks must be Eux Autres. Their new album 'Cold city' is full of little wonders. Oh, and yesterday I bought a nice USB turntable, so I can rip vinyl to MP3. Otherwise, life at the moment seems to be just going on. No special surprises, emotions under control, nothing extraordinary.

The coming week will be nice and short, with Queen's Day (Wednesday) and the Ascension of Jesus (Thursday) both being free days in the Netherlands. I took the Friday off myself, so a five day weekend is coming up!

Maybe that'll give me some time to write a more inspired post. For now open your windows, let the sunshine in and the music out. This is what my neighbours might have been hearing (sorry neighbours!) while I was writing this post:

Download (Mediafire)
1. Eux Autres - Gratte-ciel
2. The Cat's Miaow - Third floor fire escape view
3. The Smittens - Gentlefication now (the la la la song)
4. The Aislers Set - Chicago New York

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Marianthi said...

Yay spring and dead pretty music!