April 03, 2008

Twee as fuck?

You're sitting at the family dinner table, grandma and everyone, the atmosphere is relaxed and cosy. There's plenty of laughter and good times. You start humming some songs to yourself. It's all nice. Suddenly there's a moment of silence, and to your own surprise you hear yourself singing softly:

I would prefer
If I could refer to you as "it"
Your name won't mean a bit
When your tongue's against my clit
It's nothing personal
Absolutely nothing personal

"Oh, nothing grandma... just a song!"

You're walking through the supermarket, after a day at work. Glad that the tough part of the day is over, here you go:

But I can't say that I miss him
Because he never made me come
He only made me cry

Hey la hey la my bunny's back
He's pink and he's cute and he's harder than you
Hey la hey la my bunny's back
And when he's in the bed I'm always in the mood

An older couple frowns at you and you blush a bit, while you hurry on to the fruit section.

Infectious indiepop is not always without risk.

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Vaselines - Molly's lips
2. Strip Squad - Hairless youth of Bosnia
3. The Hidden Cameras - Smells like happiness
4. A Smile And A Ribbon - My bunny's back

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Marianthi said...

Indiepopsex. You can't go wrong with that!