May 30, 2008

Once there was a Pianosaurus

Sometimes you see a bandname and you can only hope please, please let this be a good band. A band that was cool enough to name itself after a plastic toy piano in the shape of a dinosaur but sounds like crap would break my heart.

Luckily, no such worries with Pianosaurus. The only studio album by this band from New York, 1987's Groovy Neighborhood is a sparkling curiosity, an enthusiastic gimmick that manages to be much more than just a novelty. All their pop songs are played on children's instruments, but manage to sound like proper pop & roll. Both Alex Garvin's original compositions and the cover songs sound like little bursts of creative joy and are surprisingly well-played.

Sadly, ages after all other dinosaurs, the brave Pianosaurus went extinct before the (finished) second album was released. Even more sadly, that second album is still lying somewhere on some shelve gathering dust, unheard by anyone.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Pianosaurus - Sun will follow
2. Pianosaurus - Memphis
3. Pianosaurus - Ready to rock


Anonymous said...

The fact that no one has even written here means that not too many people know about them.

I first ran into them as I was walking the street in NY one day. I was 19 at the time and it was my first time in the big city. I heard the music as I was walking along, and went to it to see what it was. And there they were, on the steps of an apartment playing the songs. I hung out for a bit, and told them I liked it. They had a show that night and gave me an invitation to come and see them.
It was a small bar that they were playing in, and it was packed. It sounded even better than on the street. When I left that night, it was better than anything I had seen or heard of at the time.

Very orignal idea, and an awsome band. Sorry they broke up.

Anonymous said...

I love Pianosaurus! I came across their album probably about 20 years ago. I was really impressed by their ability to pull such catchy music from toys. Thanks for sharing the music, I haven't converted my vinyl to mp3s, so it was nice to hear some music I haven't heard in such a long time. It is a true shame they didn't get more recognition.

sweetbeats said...
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sweetbeats said...

Be about 20 years since I came across pianosaurus too...unique band and wore the grooves out on my old record so got the cd a few years ago....timeless.

There is a rumor there was a lost second album that was never released somewhere hidden in some dusty vaults...I would love to here that !


sunday said...

Please friend,can you reupload this album?I listen Pianosaurus long,long time ago,now i remember of him and find couple songs on YouTube,and album only on your blog.Pleae,re-up!

sunday said...

I found it on Soulseek!
Thanks anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful record. I remember playhing them on my college radio show back when it was new. Wish there would have been a follow up.