October 09, 2008


Legendary Swiss all girl band LiLiPUT (first named Kleenex) is one of those rare punk groups that managed to make timeless songs, the kind that keep sounding new and fresh, with most of the original exuberance and excitement still intact.

While Kleenex had started as a relatively typical art-punk band, after the forced name-change (a copyright issue) the girls started to experiment more while at the same time managing to find a more pop-oriented sound.

LiLiPUT turned out to be immensely influential on the riot grrrl movement 10 years later, and now still sounds more relevant than most of those followers. Significant music, hypnotic and fun!


A compilation of the complete works of Kleenex/LiLiPUT (46 songs) is available on Kill Rock Stars.

Download (Mediafire)
1. LiLiPUT - Die Matrosen
2. LiLiPUT - You
3. LiLiPUT - Eisiger Wind
4. LiLiPUT - Tschik-Mo


aubrey hornor said...

hey! i am from kill rock stars and i wanted to let you know that we have a kickstarter up to raise the funds to get the kleenex/liliput 4LP box set released. if we don't meet our goal, we don't get any funding and we won't be able to release it. hopefully your readers can help us out and contribute what they can! it would be amazing to have this collection available to people on vinyl, don't you think?

Dennis said...

I've posted this on the anorak forum. I'm sure there's people there who would want to see this released!