December 23, 2008

A reminder of the way things change

555 Recordings is a label owned by Boyracer frontman Stewart Anderson. Most of you know that. The label's got all kinds of fine 7-inches and albums in stock by various acts like The Aislers Set and, obviously, Boyracer. While you're at the site, have a look around at everything available.

I started this post though to remind you of 555/Red Square Recording's fine series of coloured vinyl 7" compilations The way things change. Volume 1 and 2 are no longer available, but for only 4 dollars a piece I think there's not much reason not to want to have volume 3 to 6. Look! Aren't they great?

Volume 3 (yellow vinyl): The Cannanes, Mirah, Figurine, C.O.C.O., Men In Fur, Seasick Crocodile

Volume 4 (green vinyl): The Lucksmiths, Loveletter Band, Six Cents And Natalie, Casino Ashtrays, Second Story Man, Snow Fairies

Volume 5 (blue vinyl): Architecture In Helsinki, Cex, Boyracer, Origami, Dennis Driscoll, Sleepy Township

Volume 6 (purple vinyl): All Girl Summer Fun Band, Rocketship, Escargogos, Putney Swope, Tall Boy, Possom Moods

Visit the 555 website or myspace or Red Square Recordings myspace to get your hands on these unique mini compilations (six bands on each one!) while they're still available.


martijn said...

I think these were released on 555's spouse label "Red Square". Why I spend my holidays leaving useless factual comments on people's blogs I don't know but these compilations do seem really nice!

Dennis said...

Aren't they, like, exactly the same? That's probably too easy thinking from my side! I added it to the post now. Thanks for being right, once again.

martijn said...

555 is Stewart's label which, I think, he had when he still lived in the UK. Then he moved to the US, got married to Jen, who ran Red Square, and their labels effectively merged. Or something. In any case, they've released quite a few good records, but a bit too many records too.

Dennis said...

I see that The Wedding LP (Jen + Stew 4 EVA)is 555LP35/RSQ010, while all other 555 releases I own are, well, only 555. These 7-inches I posted about here are on their way to me, so I'll see!