February 11, 2009


Pre-Tullycraft Sean Tollefson and Jeff Fell were Crayon, together with third member Brad Roberts. Between 1990 and 1994 the Bellingham, Washington band released a handful of singles and one official full length album, Brick Factory.

For those of you who think Tullycraft too twee, Crayon might be just the thing. Not that the twee elements were not included in the lyrics already (although none of the later so favourite obscure music references), but a big difference with the Tullycraft-sound is the combination of those lyrics with heavily distorted guitars, veering towards punk. Some people called it cuddlecore, but hmm. Let's just call it addictive.

The three immature mini-classics below are all from Brick Factory.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Crayon - Chutes and ladders
2. Crayon - Pedal
3. Crayon - Knee-high Susan


martijn said...

I've been meaning to post about Crayon for ages as I have been listening to Brick Factory several times recently. You beat me though.

Some of Crayon's songs really sounds like early Tullycraft, the ones you link to for instance, but on others you can hear the influence of Brad who, apparently, was more into punk.

(The first Crayon song I ever knew was Snap-Tight Wars, which someone had put on a mixtape. When I interviewed Sean a few years later --through mail! those were the days-- I asked him if I was the only one who ever thought he sounded like a woman in some songs... Ouch! I've asked bands some awkward questions but this one was by far the worst.)

Dennis said...

Haha, that's a brilliant question!

Yes, I know the 'Brad' songs sound quite different. For the sake of the Tullycraft link I chose only 'Sean' songs (this started as a Six Cents + Natalie/Crayon/Tullycraft post, but I got lazy).

I only know this album and the Moominland 7". Do you have any of the other singles? Please still write your own post about Crayon; I'm sure you have more interesting stuff to write about them. Or just re-post that old interview! Please?

Unknown said...

No, I only have this album and a few songs on compilations here and there. I don't think they released very much though.

Here is the interview.

Kiran said...

I just discovered this post. Has anyone heard any news about the Brick Factory album being reissued?