May 02, 2009

Liechtenstein: Survival strategies in a modern world

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart? Northern Portrait? Yes, I'm excited about those debut albums this year. But nothing beats my excitement for this: Liechtenstein's Survival strategies in a modern world.

The CD will be out at Fraction Discs at the end of this month. To make things even better, the album will also be released as a 10", together with Slumberland Records. All 9 songs are brand new and previously unreleased. You can download Roses in the park below, but don't forget to listen to All at once, the album's opener, on the band's myspace.

New to Liechtenstein? Read my interview with the band here.

Liechtenstein website
Liechtenstein myspace
Fraction Discs
Slumberland Records

Download (Right click, save as)
1. Liechtenstein - Roses in the park

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