June 04, 2009

About a boy

Our Sam is exactly one week old today.
He sleeps, he eats and he poops;
he's fantastic.

My time here in the USA is hectic to say the least. I'll take time for the post that he deserves once I get home and got some rest.

To love someone so much that you've only met one week ago, isn't that crazy?

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1. Moofish Catfish - Are you a boy?


Anonymous said...

congratulations. he looks wonderful.

alex said...

Congratulations Dennis! I am sure he will bring you loads of joy! It seems like so many people are giving birth at the moment - it's wonderful to all these beautiful newborns to fawn over.

mamutopia said...


and what a cute photo!

Nur said...


lostinsushi said...

congratulations ;)

Songs for Girls said...

he looks cute! more photos please!
Being a father looks good on you, Dennis. you have this wisdom...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, he is absolutely gorgeous! Pamela

Anonymous said...

Congrats..he's indeed a beautiful boy :)
All the best.