September 15, 2009

Free Loan Investments - The last dance

A new Free Loan Investments release! Their Last Dance EP is now available on Magic Marker. I have never heard any of the five songs before, and am genuinly excited about this 7". It should be the perfect warm-up for Roger Gunnarsson's new band The Garlands, who are about to release a 7" on Atomic Beat Records.

Buy this here

Download (Mediafire)
1. Free Loan Investments - Kick his balls out (from Ever been to Mexico?)
2. Free Loan Investments - Hard to smile (from Youth will understand)


Marianthi said...

I am not sure what crazy powers you've got, Dennis, but I just saw a link, clicked on it, ordered a record and can't even remember how I got there.

The Garlands/Sugarplums single is here! Eeee! x

Puff Chats said...

Amazing! I didn't know Free Loan Investments were still kicking around. Thanks so much for the welcome tidings :]