October 13, 2009

We need a holiday

If you're the kind of person who pays attention to these things, you may have noticed a link to Holiday Records in my list of links down there somewhere on the left that's been there for a couple of months now.

"in these troubled times things have become so complicated. music is too exciting. you deserve a break and we're going to give it to you! we know you don't have any money, neither do we!"

It's not only free music for everyone; it's good free music for everyone.
Have a look around.


felipe said...

indeed holiday is an amazing label presenting us every week with wonderful pop gems!

mamutopia said...

Dank voor de tip! Ik luister al de hele middag :)

NoRecords Records said...

If I can allow myself, maybe you can take a look, listen & download and published this :

EVEDEN : Violent Derby Ep
(pop group from France)


thanks for them

see you