November 24, 2009

Been hiding

Website NYCTaper has an ace and excellent recording up of the already legendary set at the Slumberland 20th Anniversary Concert, where Linton performed Henry's Dress- and The Aislers Set songs backed by the Crystal Stilts.

"The biggest surprise at the Slumberland 20th Anniversary Concert at Bell House on Saturday was the completely unannounced appearance by Amy Linton, who performed three of her songs backed by JB, Kyle and Andy of Crystal Stilts. While technically not an Henry’s Dress or The Aislers Set reunion, the brief set was raw and fun."

Let's hope Linton loved this as much as we do, and picks up performing and recording soon.

Setlist November 14, 2009:
01 Introduction
02 You Killed a Boy For Me (Henry’s Dress)
03 Banter/tuning
04 Target Practice (Henry’s Dress)
05 Banter/tuning
06 The Red Door (The Aislers Set)

Download here (follow link)

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