January 13, 2010

Undercover poplover, part 20

"When this kiss is over, it will start again
It will not be any different, it will be exactly the same
It's hard to imagine that nothing at all
Could be so exciting, could be this much fun"

Download (Mediafire)
1. Belle & Sebastian - Comment te dire adieu
2. Ted Leo - Since U been gone
3. Voxtrot - Heaven


Arrowhead Vintage said...

I just stumbled upon Voxtrot on a mix from a friend last week. Looking forward to checking out more from them!

e6gMan said...

Any chance you could re-up this? Love your selection of covers and bands you promote!

Dennis said...

It should be back up now!

e6gMan said...



I found a free download of The Last Dinosaur covering "Beat It" You've got to hear it to believe it.