December 20, 2007

The warm up

Coming back home from the cold outside earlier today, I warmed myself on a cup of coffee and some music. Quite randomly picked, the music happened to be The Shop Assistents' 1986 album with the same name, the one that's also known as Will anything happen.

Slowly getting my hands back to an acceptable temperature from holding the coffeecup, the music played on. I was having one of those "This is really nice!" moments. You know? You're not really thinking that, but if you would stop and analyze, it'd be clear that you're really enjoying the situation. And mostly, the music.

After about ten minutes or so I started thinking... "Why not share this feeling?". The album by then had progressed to the fifth song, All that ever mattered.

Pretty song, and as good a name for a blog as any. It'll be about just me, music, concerts, books, movies, art, stuff. Whatever makes me feel good. Or bad, perhaps. To make this post a bit more than just a boring introduction, I included a link to the song that inspired it.

The Shop Assistants - All that ever mattered (Rapidshare)


Marianthi said...

That's great, Dennis! What a fantastic song to get inspiration from. Can't wait to read more. :)

Colin said...

Any blog that begins its life with a song by Shop Assistants is one worth reading, almost by definition.

I came here after a nod in your direction via Think Small as well.

And that is another good reason to read you.


I will link you up :)