December 22, 2007

Girls At Our Best!

I'm in love with my ridiculously unpredictable and variable music taste.

At the end of every year, there's best of-lists all over the magazines, weblogs and radio stations. Although I always find them intriguing, amusing and often annoying at the same time, I never participate. How on earth is it possible to have one best of anything?

Yesterday I had one of my recurring doo-wop-loving evenings. Had you asked me yesterday for my favourite band of all time, it probably would have been The Silhouettes, and of course especially their Get a job. Today it won't make the top 100. This Saturday doo-wop is completely out of fashion, and it's full force back to indiepop.

The best band of all time ever today might be Girls At Our Best! 1981's Pleasure is such an infectiously happy, fresh and exciting album. Too bad it's their only one. This, and three fantastic singles, of which Getting nowhere fast (later nicely covered by The Wedding Present) is probably their best and best known... that's all.

I'm looking forward to finding out what my best band or song of all time ever will be tomorrow!

Here's some of the music mentioned above (Mediafire)
1. The Silhouettes - Get a job
2. Girls At Our Best! - Getting nowhere fast
3. Girls At Our Best! - Too big for your boots
4. Girls At Our Best! - Pleasure

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