November 06, 2008


The Mo-Dettes were one American, one Swiss, and two British girls. Starting in 1979, together they made some excellent songs. Back in the late 70's, early 80's, they probably would have wanted me to call them punk, but although there is certainly a rough edge, the pleasant melodies and the mastery of their instruments take this at least one big step towards brilliant pop.

On November 27 Cherry Red Records will re-issue the lone Mo-Dettes album The Story So Far, making it available for the first time on CD.

Included below is the classic White mice, and their fantastic cover of the Rolling Stones' Paint it black. Love these? Don't miss this chance to finally get your hands on The Story So Far!

Mo-Dettes myspace
Order the album on Cherry Red Records

Download (Mediafire)
1. Mo-Dettes - White mice
2. Mo-Dettes - Paint it black


Kippers said...

Hadn't heard those tracks before. Fantastic. Cheers matey!

Anonymous said...

44 now and stumbled across this while bored.....used to follow the gals around while also watching The Temper, Departmant S and i think The Jam. Interviewed them all for a fanzine me and a few buddies got together called SHOUT......happy days!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea what happened to The Temper? I remember liking them a lot. It'd be a miracle if someone remembers them!

La Main Noir said...

Temper ....need to google "All Mighty Whispers". Alick is still making music.