November 27, 2008

Oh boy! (words of love)

Some music has always just been there. You accept it without giving it specific further attention. No hipster points to be earned, no need to follow a hype.

Talking about old: Buddy Holly's Crickets were possibly the very first real rock band. They wrote and played their own songs in a basic two guitars-bass-drums lineup. Pop's grandfathers, with a very direct link to the indiepop we all hold so dear.

Homework assignment:
1. Download this batch of songs;
2. Pretend you know nothing about either Buddy Holly or his music;
3. Press play and close your eyes.

Then run to the stores and buy all his albums.

Not everything that's old is rusty. Don't take it for granted; you'd miss some of the most satisfying music ever made.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Buddy Holly - That'll be the day
2. Buddy Holly - Rave on
3. Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
4. Buddy Holly - Words of love
5. Buddy Holly - Oh boy!


Dimitra Daisy said...

You know, occasionally when people have that silly argument about who started indiepop, Jonathan Richman, Orange Juice or the TVPs, I but in and say that Buddy Holly did.

Caravatti said...

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