December 01, 2008

Tell me why...?

Today at work we moved to an open office floor. Gone is all the privacy. I already hate it. At least six people have a clear view on my computer screen.

Maybe it's just general Monday morning-grumpiness, but everything irritates me.
Say hi to my colleagues in the comments? (Sigh.)

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1. Magnetic Fields - Long-forgotten fairytale
2. Hari and Aino - Second song
3. Horowitz - Animal soup


Colin said...

Solidarity, brother. Today's my first day in an open office too. We should swap advice for ways to avoid being caught not working or something.

martijn said...

We are completely open-plan too. This doesn't affect me very much because a) I mostly work from home and b) the way my desk is positioned, no one can really see what I am doing. I didn't like the idea of open plan at first, but if I had to work somewhere that didn't have open plan, I would probably feel uncomfortable sitting in a small room, hidden from the majority of my colleagues; as if I had something to hide. Also, I am lucky to be a programmer (not one that needs to compile a lot, but I am waiting for some tasks to finish while writing this comment).

Anyway, I do feel for you. Good luck!

Kippers said...

Hello, Dennis's collegues! Please stop looking at his screen and get on with your work.

That sounds ghastly, by the way, being stuck in an open plan office. You can't even pick your nose wihout everyone knowing about it!

Kippers said...

I do know how to spell colleagues really, BTW. Honest.

Tom said...

I have been working in an open Plan office since April. It feels like I work in a call centre or something.