December 03, 2008

It's time to remember Po!

When you hear the winsome jangly guitars, wistful female vocals and lose yourself in the dark lyrics and light melodies of Po!, you'd imagine this band to be one of the pop crowd's favourites. As it turns out though, Po! seems to be one of indiepop's best kept secrets.

The band was formed in 1987 in Leicester by singer and guitarist Ruth Miller. Ruth emerged as a very talented writer of appealing and original pop. Between the first Po! release, 1988's Hopscotch In The Snow flexi and their last, 1998's Horse Blanket Weather LP the band recorded a number of singles, Peel sessions and albums, all of which are hard to find but certainly worth searching for.

I worship Po! and so should you.

1. Po! - Sunday never comes around
2. Po! - Haunt you
3. Po! - Joybang!

1 comment:

Marianthi said...

This is brilliant. Thanks Dennis! I'd forgotten about 'Sunday Never Comes Around'. I used to put it on all my mix tapes. *swoon*

I live in a Po! building, I'm so proud. :)