January 26, 2009

The Bicycles

Remember The Bicycles? A couple of years back the Toronto quartet (back then a five-piece) dropped their mix of bubblegum pop and garage rock on us for the first time, with their successful debut album The good the bad and the cuddly. Now they're back with another collection of short, energetic and strongly varied pieces of pop with their second album Oh no, it's love on Fuzzy Logic. On the one hand this variation might mean you won't like every song style as much as the other, but on the other hand you certainly won't be bored and even with the less favourite tracks you'll have to admit the songcraft is admirably strong and catchy.

If I very critically pick through the album I still end up with two big handfuls of hugely contagious moments of indie power pop brilliance where vocal harmonies compete with the strong and varied instrumentation for the biggest applause.

The Bicycles website
The Bicycles myspace
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Download (Mediafire)
1. The Bicycles - Oh no, it's love
2. The Bicycles - Won't she be surprised

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