November 21, 2013

St Rupertsberg - I'm So Fucking Goddamn Lonely

Here's a song from 2011 that I didn't discover until November 2012, when I wasn't blogging. It's the catchiest thing imaginable despite its title, and it's been stuck in my head since I first heard it. Warning: people may give you weird looks when you're quietly singing this to yourself on the streets, but you will. If you're like me, you will.

St Rupertsberg are an all-girl octet from Wellington, New Zealand, and the eight girls are definitely worth your time and attention.

I've tried to contact the band several times, but I got no reply. Does anyone know if they're still going?

St Rupertsberg bandcamp
St Rupertsberg Facebook

November 14, 2013

Heathers - Teenage Clothes 7"

The first time I heard Heathers was earlier this year, around the time I was searching for bands for the first Candy Twist release. I stumbled upon ‘Teenage clothes’ and was sold right away. Something, I must admit, that doesn’t happen very often to me. I’m more of a ‘growing on me, slowly increasing appreciation’ kind of person. Not this time. ‘Teenage clothes’ grabbed me by my pop loving heart and wouldn’t let go. I wrote the two guys – Michael Francis and Thom Lucero - from LA the next day to ask them to be part of ‘Nobody’s Business’. Which, to my big pleasure, they accepted right away.

It’s quite a few couple of months later now, and in the meantime ‘Teenage clothes’ has been released as their debut 7” single, coupled with another irresistibly rocking pop gem, ‘I don’t wanna be adored’. The release date was September 16, but if you’re quick you should still be able to grab a copy from the band’s bandcamp or from their label.
While you’re at their bandcamp, have a listen to ‘Colossi of Memnon’ as well, a 7 minute and 24 seconds long monster of a song that still manages to hold my attention until the end, the way Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers and Joy Division often seemed to manage. Pop despite everything, even despite intention perhaps. These guys seem to have that rare gift of mixing pop and rock and roll and warmth and misery and love and… and… 
Heathers deserve your support and love. Give it to them here:

November 12, 2013

VA - Nobody's Business 12"

I almost forgot I still have this blog as well. Almost. Is it bad to get back to it to promote my own LP? Oh well, I'm going to anyway.

My brand new label (can I already call it that with just a single release?) will release the 12" DIY pop compilation 'Nobody's Business, volume one' one of these days. Last week I put the album up for streaming on bandcamp, and pre-orders can start now as well. I'm very excited about this!

The LP has brand new and exclusive songs on it by the following artists: The Fireworks, Cave Ghosts, The Hobbes Fanclub, Liechtenstein, Martha, The Felt Tips, Lost Tapes, Making Marks, Horowitz, Colour Me Wednesday, Heathers, and Young Romance.

I honestly think that every song here is very good. I really hope you'll feel the same way. Let me know what you think? That's half the fun for me of course, to hear your thoughts.

Thanks! I'm hoping to pick up writing here more regularly soon, so please do check back.

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