August 26, 2009

A good day for shopping

I'm so behind on things I'd want to write about! There are enough interesting releases; I just don't have the time. Here's a quick shopping list for recent things I've loved, and I think you will too.

Out for a while, but still available on 7" vinyl and 3" CD is this unique WeePOP! release, where The Smittens & The Just Joans both present one new original song and a cover of one of the other band's songs. Four winners.
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Not too long after the grower You're alight 7", Eux Autres return with four new songs on the Strangled Days 10", released on the charming WIAIWYA label. Very highly recommended!
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Slumberland keeps 'em coming. This Blue genes 7" is a great first release by this very promising band. Listen to the MP3 below for an impression.
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The Parallelograms have split, but their music is still alive. Three more future bubblegum-punk classics coming your way on one pretty 7". A worthy farewell indeed.
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A new Horwitz CDR on This Almighty Pop, with three new songs as pretty as the packaging.
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Voxtrot's suprising return to form, with the Berlin without return 7".
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Download (right click, save as)
1. The Champagne Socialists - Blue genes
2. Horowitz - Winona
3. The Parallelograms - Dream on Daisy

August 13, 2009

Searching For The Now Again

Slumberland Records is (finally!) continuing their ace Searching For The Now split single series. The idea is simple: two great bands, one great single, and a bunch of often exclusive songs on beautifully coloured 7 inch of vinyl. After a few months of waiting, here are number 5 and number 6:

SFTN5: Liechtenstein & The Faintest Ideas
SFNT6: The School & George Washington Brown

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Download (Right click, save as)
1. Liechtenstein - This must be heaven
2. The School - And suddenly