December 28, 2007

#1 in heaven

It's easy to lose touch with popmusic's reality once you've lost yourself in an indiepop world. People who are not a part of that world will - probably rightfully so - argue that you're a music snob. When even obscure bands that 99% of the people have never heard of are deemed too commercial by you, it might be time to take a deep breathe and see if you might be the silly one. But it's easy to see how it happens, and most of the time there's certainly no bad intentions behind it. In blogland it's also only a good thing to look a tiny bit further. I'm not that interested in reading about a band I hear on the radio all day.

While thinking of my favourite music to write about on this blog, naturally I came quickly to the great Dolly Mixture. Just as quickly I dismissed them as too well known, too commercial. The point of posting about music is to let at least some people discover music they hadn't heard before, remember? Dolly Mixture are huge.


Will he kiss me tonight? is a classic. A number one hit, for sure. In my dreams. I checked on LastFM and discovered that a staggering 603 people have been listening to the song on their computer.

Been teen is almost as catchy. But only 175 people have been enjoying it so far!

So there you go. Time for me to take my deep breathe.

I'll shut up and just post these (Mediafire)
1. Dolly Mixture - Will he kiss me tonight?
2. Dolly Mixture - Been teen


L i a r n i e said...

this is a nice new blog. hello! and yay to the dollymixture <3

Dennis said...

Hello and thanks! Are you the palespectre who used to be on Bowlie? I'm RITH there.

L i a r n i e said...

hello! yes! that's me, and i do remember you hence my little hello. heehee how are you? i miss bowlie!

hope you are doing well... :D