December 24, 2007

Which dress fits best?

Henry's DressWhat, no Christmas post?! Nope, I'm sorry. I'm spending Christmas Eve alone, and I'm not at all in a festive mood. Yet.

So let's talk about music.

Everyone with a bit of passion for music must have frowned frequently at the cringeworthy names with which record shops or magazines try to label your favourite artists. I do understand that there's a certain need and/or function, but what does it really tell you? Freak Folk? Artcore? Bastard Pop? Hi-NRG? Well, I'm sure. Worst of all of course is the classic World Music. Completely empty, or completely overcrowded, depending on how you look at it.

Right now I'm listening to Henry's Dress for the first time in a long time. Shoegazesurf? Phil Spector Gaze? Garagegirl Adrenaline? Noise & Roll? My Bloody Ramones? Pick your favourite. Each one does as bad a job at describing what they really sound like as the next. Listening is the only way.

Let me suffice by just telling you that Henry's Dress's 1996 Bust 'Em Green album is packed with catchy but noisy hooks, and that after the band ceased to exist, Amy Linton joined The Aislers Set. Oh, and of course I should mention that they're great...

...Noise Pop.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Henry's Dress - Get yourself together
2. Henry's Dress - Winter '94
3. Henry's Dress - Target practice

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Marianthi said...

I *love* Henry's Dress. Thanks for posting 'Target Practice', it's one of the greatest songs of all time!

Merry Christmas, Dennis. x