January 07, 2008

Winter in the city

I'm biking through the old city centre of Amsterdam, MP3-player playing, and not really paying attention to anything; I've been here thousands of times before. A song fades out, and A Smile And A Ribbon's My bunny's back starts playing while I pass an obscure sex shop. A childish grin comes on my face and I wake up from my grey haze of thoughtlessness. I unintentionally scare a group of Japanese tourists by ringing my bell. I apologize, but their reaction makes my smile even wider. I take a right turn and continue cycling along the canals and the pretty 17th century houses.

The Softies are singing Hello rain. I usually love that song, but it seems inappropriate. I'm enjoying the city too much right now to get distracted by sad music. I unplug my headphones and move on.

It's easy to ignore the beauty of things that have become so familiar. Music, people, nature, cities et cetera. It's my one and only resolution for 2008: to look at everything at least once as if it were for the first time.

If you see me, say hello.

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