March 25, 2008

Girls Girls Girls

When I read through the posts on this weblog so far, I notice two surprising (to me) things:
1. 99% of all posted songs have female vocals;
2. I sound like a depressed teenager.

When I decided to start this thing up, I didn't really mean to limit myself in any way. It was not intended as an indiepop blog exclusively, more as an outlet for my general interests and thoughts. But that's how it happened: you caught me at a phase where in my personal life not everything is going very smoothly, and that makes the uncomplicated female (indie)pop a pleasant music of choice. And of course I love it no matter what. So there's no problem in point #1 at all.


I'm a tiny bit embarrassed about that second issue. It feels much unlike me. Usually I've managed to deal with stress or worries in a more positive way, and I intend to put much effort in going back to that me.

So, if you don't mind, the girls will keep singing on here for a while. In fact, to kick off the promise of more positivity to myself nicely, here are three cliché female popclassics. You all know them. I don't care, because they make me smile, every single time.

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Tammys - Egyptian shumba
2. The Crystals - He's a rebel
3. The Shangri-Las - Give him a great big kiss


martijn said...

You never sounded like a depressed teenager to me. More like a sweet caring person who's going through a melancholic phase in his life. Nothing wrong with melancholy. Or with blogging about it, for that matter.

Oh, and that Crystals song might eb the best song ever written between 4000BC and 1978.

Dennis said...

Well, I'm glad! I'm more critical of myself, but still... good!