March 28, 2008

Hey DJ

My work has been causing me headaches these last few days. Grown up colleagues fighting like little children, screaming into each other's faces. I was never involved, but please. Please. Please?

Fighting is so not my thing. I remember the three times in my life that I got really angry. About two of those three times I still feel that it was justified, the third time was maybe a bit silly. Still, blowing up like a stupid balloon almost every day? I just can't understand. Grow up, breathe in, breathe out, talk or walk away.

Anyway, somehow all this bitching got me in a grumpy mood.

I lit some candles, made a fresh fruit juice and crashed on my couch. Eyes closed, listening to Daniel Johnston calmed me down back to normal.

A couple of days ago I posted Cub's cover of Tell me now, but I might like Daniel Johnston's original version even better. I'm not a big Johnston fan, but when he's good, he's really good. Try not welling up while listening to Careless soul! I certainly can't.

Here are some personal favourites:

Download (Mediafire)
1. Daniel Johnston - Tell me now
2. Daniel Johnston - I hate myself
3. Daniel Johnston - True love will find you in the end
4. Daniel Johnston - Careless soul
5. Daniel Johnston - Speeding motorcycle

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