March 04, 2008

Nice try sunshine / Can't get out of bed

Blue sunshiny skies and dark winterstorms are fighting for attention in the Netherlands. Every morning I open the curtains with a feeling between hope and fear. What will it be today?

The result of last year's lack of summer is still detectable in the darker corners of my sunshine-craving brain. I'm cranky, tired and surprisingly edgy. I've never been a fan of my alarm clock in the morning, but I'm at the brink of throwing the thing through the window, while letting out some uncharacteristic curses.

I'm very unlike me, lately.

Or rather, it seems a bit like finally the mask is falling away, after all these years, and I just let it out. Who cares if you notice I'm depressed? No need to keep smiling all the time. Who cares if I hurt your feelings? You're an idiot and you have the right to know. Who cares if...?

Rewind, erase. Because I do care. No, really.
I need sleep and sunshine. Lots, and soon.
And then we'll work from there.

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1. Second-Hand Furniture - Nice try, sunshine!
2. Springfactory - Get out of bed

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