March 13, 2008

Question mark (part two)

Continuing in the same spirit as the previous post, let's talk about Twa Toots. Or rather, let's not talk about Twa Toots, because I might know even less about them than I know about Trixie's Big Red Motorbike.

Twa Toots were Sarah Brown, Frank Brown (Sarah's father), Philippa Richmond and Will Cassell from Sheerness, Kent in the U.K. They released some singles in the 80s (and 90s?), which were collected on a 1997 full length 'Don't send me flowers'.

'Please don't play 'A rainy night in Georgia'' is such an addictive little song!

Download (Mediafire):
1. Twa Toots - Please don't play 'A rainy night in Georgia'
2. Twa Toots - Hurt so bad
3. Twa Toots - Don't send me flowers


Marianthi said...

Blimey, is that them in that photo? Wow, they were as pretty as their songs!

Dennis said...

Yup, pretty AND talented!

Spike said...

I love the internet! I live in Kent and someone in the Netherlands introduces me to Twa Toots!

RockWriter said... cousin, Sarah, is in Twa Toots. Our bands done a gig or 2 together a few years back. My band is called Unlucky Fried Kitten...(known as Death In Venice then)
Happy days.
So...hi to Twa Toots...from Unlucky Fried Kitten

Sparrowtunes said...

Mark Litten here. Did you know that Sarah and I made an ep together as 'Sarah Goes Shopping?' It's not bad, but it's impossible to buy or even download now. I miss it!

Anonymous said...

hello Mark and Rockwriter - yep I remember our time together - Death in Venice being completely brilliant and playing with Mark - of Trixies Big Red Motorbike. Happy days indeed - Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark.....yes I did have the Sarah Goes Shopping stuff. I thought it was all excellent. As a sidenote...when I first heard Smile by Lily Allen...I thought how similar it sounded to Sarah's songs/vocals. (I bet she'll hate me for saying
Thanks Sarah...I hope you're well. I'm still gigging as UFK. Old rockers never die...they just piss people off in pubs near you...ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Brown! There you are! I was in the U.K. in the summer, searching all over for you! Back in Japan now, with me family. Can you get in touch on my Facebook page, perchance?

Hello Anon. Thanks for the interesting comments

Mark Litten