May 18, 2008


I decided to upload a 7" today for a change. It's Papercut Records 001: FPAP, a nice mini compilation released in 1995 with songs by 4 different bands. The quality is what you can expect when you transform vinyl to MP3 (not perfect), but I thought it worth a try!

Download (Mediafire)
A1: Cub - Pillow queen
A2: Raggedy Ann - Soul sound
B1: Tullycraft - Pink lemonade
B2: Weakling - Roy to me


Anonymous said...

Raggedy Ann? Is this the pre-Donnas Raggedy Ann? Nice Tullycraft song. Id never heard this one before.

Dennis said...

Ooh, I'm not sure. It says:

Mary - bass
Sheila - guitar, vocals
Elly - drums
Erin - guitar

so... probaly not?

I failed to write in my post that Tullycraft is actually still named Tully Craft on this release. Nice!

martijn said...

Looking at the sleeve, I think it says 'FPAP', not Frap. Would think it's somehow related to 'For Paper Airplane Pilots' which, I think, was a fanzine from the mid-90s.

Dennis said...

You're right, i't does say PFAP!