May 07, 2008

Uncool, old-fashioned... and perfect

Too uncool for even your parents? Something your grandparents might tap their toes to with a smile filled with memories? Not even that?

Sometimes I understand why some of my friends think my taste in music is... dubious. But who am I to care? Once you're uncool, you're uncool and I can only be happy about it, because if you think a little further I win and they lose by caring too much.

All the above is an unnessesary introduction to me saying that this song is absolutely 100% perfect. Its simplicity is so brilliant, that one verse was enough; they just play it twice.

Go on, laugh at me!

Download (Mediafire)
1. Everly Brothers - Walk right back


Peewit said...

It's got to be Bird Dog if you have to play anything by the Everlys, surely?

Dennis said...

Oh, Bird Dog is good too. Very good. To my ears, it doesn't reach the heights of Walk Right Back though.