June 11, 2008

Searching For The Now

Throughout 2008 Slumberland Records is releasing a wonderful series of 7" split singles under the name Searching For the Now. The plan is to release two singles every ten weeks, and after eight singles compile them on a CD. And start again, perhaps. All singles are released on colour vinyl and in special sleeves.

So far released this year:

Searching For The Now 1:
1: The Company Presents Roy Moller - Join the dots
2: The Hermit Crabs - Flaxen-haired boy

Searching For The Now 2:
1: Bye! - Oh no, baby don't
2: The Happy Couple - Song for the troubadour (acoustic version)

Searching For The Now 3:
1: A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Sometimes I think about you
2: The Sunny Street - Pottery & glass

Searching For The Now 4:
1: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Come Saturday
2: Summer Cats - Let's go!

According to the Slumberland website some of the bands confirmed for future releases include The School, Eux Autres, Strawberry Fair, Soda Fountain Rag, Liechtenstein, Pants Yell!, Moscow Olympics and Pipas. Every SFTN release is strictly limited to 600 copies, so don't be late getting yours!

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