June 16, 2008

Voetbal & Pannenkoeken

You might have noticed that the European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2008) is going on. If so, you might also have noticed that Holland are doing quite well, beating both World Cup finalists (Italy and France) with a three goal difference. It's only a game, but it's nice. People are smiling and partying and the Netherlands are slowly but surely turning a bright orange. It makes me smile too. Last Friday I watched the Holland-France game (4-1) with a friend in a crowded pub on a big screen. We walked into a pub filled with about a hundred strangers, hours later we left with a hundred new friends. Nothing brings people together like an good night of celebrating. You don't even need to like football to enjoy a night like that.

On a completely unrelated note, for tonight a friend invited me for a pancake dinner. She's the first person I ever met through the internet, after I joined a forum a few years back. This is how the internet is at its best: when it results in real life friends. It's hard to imagine us meeting without the help of the interest-filter a forum can be. I haven't been meeting a lot of people this way, but with a girlfriend and a pancake-baking friend it's not a bad score after all!


martijn said...

Three cheers for the internet. :) And for pannenkoeken. :) And, alright, even for the Dutch football team.

Kippers said...

Three more cheers for the internet from over here!

The Italians and French seem to be worried that the Dutch might just roll over and let Romania beat them in the last game. But surely the Dutch have earned the right to do whatever the hell they like in that final game after their terrific performances in the first two!

It would be hilarious if both France and Italy got knocked out in the group stages anyway.! This would make them almost as rubbish as the bloody English (my team)!