September 08, 2008

Dusty in here

When you wake up on a Monday morning at 5:30 from hard rain crashing against the bedroom window, again, shivering from the morning cold and with a gloomy feeling of awareness that Summer has past before it ever started, again, it's hard to fight a slight moodiness.

While I bike to Amsterdam's Centraal Station in the rain I am overwhelmed by the realisation that I'm not at all ready yet for another long long Dutch Winter. A few minutes later, in the train to work in Almere I listen to my MP3-player at random and the first song that comes on is The Go-Betweens' Dusty In Here. A perfect soundtrack to my sombre mood.

Now, typing this in an effort to get over my grumpiness, I'm playing the song again and force myself to only focus on the beauty of the music. Dusty In Here is probably my favourite Go-Betweens song. Grant McLennan's singing is somehow warm and cold at the same time, and the soft and spare piano arrangement suits the song like a beautiful yet somewhat uncomfortable winter coat. This is one of those songs that, when played loud enough, you can live in for a few minutes and then walk out of with a mysterious feeling of comfort and nostalgia. It almost makes me feel ready for Fall. Almost.

Isn't it strange how even the saddest music can cheer you up sometimes?

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1. The Go-Betweens - Dusty in here

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