October 25, 2008

The Carrots

The Carrots, an Austin, Texas sextet will make you feel like you've fallen through a time warp. They brilliantly evoke the spirit of classic 60s Motown girlgroups and pop girlgroups from the late 50s. Their myspace says it all in the section 'sounds like': 60s girl groups IN LOVE!

Despite the sugarsweet pop sounds and authentic old sounding production, I don't get the feeling I'm listening to a mere gimmick. The Carrots manage to give a modern vibe to the traditional pop sound without losing sight of what makes a tune exciting and interesting.

This year they've released two four-song 7 inches on Elefant Records, first Doing Our Part and later Beverly. Both are great listens!

The Carrots myspace
Buy their EPs

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Carrots - I tried to call you
2. The Carrots - Kissing and telling


lostinsushi said...

your blog's getting better and better ;)

Dennis said...

Did you know that Carrot Jennifer Moore used to sing backup vocals for Voxtrot? My french isn't very good anymore, mais j'ai compris sur ton blog que tu les aimes aussi! ;)