October 19, 2008

Slow Club

Sheffield's Slow Club are Charles and Rebecca. They both sing and play guitar, while Rebecca adds all kinds of percussion (think water-filled glass bottles, spoons, and the backs of wooden chairs). According to their myspace, Charles is heavily influenced by Leonard Cohen and Rebecca by Rod Steward. You can completely ignore that claim though, because they actually sound like a mix of a rockabilly Tilly & The Wall and a folk-pop White Stripes. Fun, in short. Even if you don't like the White Stripes; don't worry. Slow Club's highly addictive songs sparkle of sweetness and intelligence.

They have two singles and an EP out so far on Moshi Moshi Records. All three are very recommended!


1. Slow Club - Trick question
2. Slow Club - Me and you
3. Slow Club - Because we're dead

1 comment:

Kippers said...

I love this band already because, unless my ears deceive me, they namecheck Howards' Way (dreadful old BBC sailing drama series) at one point in Because We're Dead. Nicely done!