November 21, 2008

Goodbye, Dear Nora

About a year ago I wrote about Dear Nora, not knowing that at that point Katy Davidson, Dear Nora's only constant member, had probably already decided to discontinue releasing music under that name. She feels that her songwriting and orchestration style has veered too far from its original benchmark, far enough to be established as a something new.

As a final goodbye, Magic Marker Records now releases Three States: Rarities '97-'07.

If you haven't yet, don't forget to go back to last year's post to download the batch of songs included there. One of those songs, Since you went away, is still one of my favourite pop songs ever.

Dear Nora myspace
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Download (right click, save as)
1. Dear Nora - Make you smile
2. Dear Nora - My guitar
3. Dear Nora - Hey tiger (early 2003)


alex said...

Katy Davidson played in Brisbane last night with her new band Lloyd & Michael. Sadly I didn't get to see her play, because I fell sick yesterday, but I imagine it would be as sweet as any of her Dear Nora stuff. She was amazing on both occasions I saw her play.

mamutopia said...

Wederom bedankt voor de tip! Oh, ik ben zo blij met je blog :)

Waarschijnlijk heb je het al eens gezien, maar zo niet: ik kwam pas een aantal heeele leuke podcasts tegen op een blog van iemand van weepop: bored to hear you heart still breaks

lostinsushi said...

"since you went away" is also one of my favourite (even if "round and round" is not far...)

Justin said...

Katy is such an incredible person! She's moving back to Portland, so we'll see how long not playing as Dear Nora lasts, considering Portland was the reason why it started.

martijn said...
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martijn said...

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