December 07, 2008

Klaus & Kinski

I was quite certain I'd heard Klaus & Kinski before, about a year ago. I was also quite certain I wasn't very impressed. I was either wrong back then, or mistaken about which band I've heard. Recently I've been listening to their debut album Tu hoguera está ardiendo and it's very good.

A description from the website of Elefant Records gives you an idea what to expect. Klaus & Kinski are "(...) covering from bolero to electronic music, bossa-nova, country-folk, melodic Italian songs from the 70s, 80s style, (kind of) standard indie music and even shoegazer."

Like eclectic? You've found your band.

Klaus & Kinski myspace
Buy their album from Jabalina Música
Buy their album from Elefant Records

Download (Mediafire)
1. Klaus & Kinski - Nunca estás a la altura
2. Klaus & Kinski - Mengele y el amor

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