December 31, 2008

Missed classic: Hey lover

This is probably not the best song by The Aislers Set. There's Mission bells, The red door, Emotional levy, My boyfriend (could be a Spanish man), Hit the snow, and plenty more beautiful classics that might be better.

What Hey lover is though, is definitely the most catchy song Amy Linton ever wrote. Also possibly one of the most ignored. The band take a leap back in time here and perform as if they're one of Phil Spector's super girl-groups, almost casually creating perfect pop.

The song was originally released on a Slumberland split single, with on the flip Dreaming of Lily by The How, which was a project of Steward Anderson from Boyracer and Matt Hartman from Linton's previous band Henry's Dress.

As a bonus (which I think is almost as nice as the actual post) I included two covers that go nicely with the sixties sound of their own composition. Yeh, yeh is orginally by Georgie Fame and Not too young to get married is a cover of a song orginally recorded by The Raindrops, I think.

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Aislers Set - Hey lover
2. The Aislers Set - Not too young to get married
3. The Aislers Set - Yeh, yeh


Marianthi said...

<3 <3

alex said...

Terrific post Dennis! I love this song to bits. What am I saying, though? Every Aislers Set song is a classic. I adore their cover of "Not Too Young To Get Married". If I wasn't sitting at work right now, I'd spend my afternoon in front of the record player spinning Linton 7"s all afternoon.

jesslover said...

i've been looking everywhere for these tracks! thank you!