December 14, 2008

Missed classic: Over 21

I already celebrated the classic Henry's Dress album Bust 'Em Green on this blog about a year ago. The file I added to that post (including the fantastic Target practice) is still available for download, for who's interested.

Amy Linton was improving quickly both as a singer and as a songwriter around this time. The first Henry's Dress EP is a good excercise in distorted pop, but it's not much more than good. The above-mentioned Bust 'Em Green was an immense step forward.

During that same time Amy was drumming for Go Sailor. It seems Go Sailor-singer Rose Melberg's catchiness was contagious and inspired Linton to move a bit away from noise towards melody. This is of course most apparent on her biggest masterpiece so far: her next band The Aislers Sets' second album The Last Match, on which Amy's relaxed vocals are mixed over one top tune after the other.

Everyone knows most of that. Right?

Between Bust 'Em Green and The Aislers Set's debut album Terrible Things Happen Henry's Dress released a final tour only split-7" with Rocketship on Slumberland imprint I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record. The first of two Henry's Dress songs on that 7", Over 21, is a wonderful noisy indiepop smash hit. Well, it would be. It should be. The problem with obscure releases like that: they're easily missed. And that's what weblogs are for.

This is still very obviously a Henry's Dress style punk song, but it contains all the signs of Great Pop to come.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Henry's Dress - Over 21


martijn said...

Heee! Thanks for posting that; it is an amazing song and one that I haven't heard in donkey's years. Is it their own? I always thought it was a cover, but now I'm not sure anymore and perhaps I'm confusing it with the Aislers Set's similarly themed Not Too Young To Get Married.

Dennis said...

As far as I know it's their own. I ger that too sometimes, that I don't know for sure. Is 'Hey Lover' by The Aislers Set their own? That's a fantastic 'forgotten' song as well, btw.

Dennis said...

ger = get... but I'm sure you figured that one out.

alex said...

Oooh I haven't heard this Henry's Dress song before - thank you so much! It's great! I haven't looked on ebay for Henry's Dress 7"s in a very long time but perhaps I should be keeping an eye out for them again.