January 12, 2009

Winter in the city

I try to push in my earphones a bit deeper with my gloved hands while Nana Grizol is playing:

"Circles 'round the moon,
is this why city lights feel so awful?
It should be unlawful
to live where you can't see the stars."

As I get on my bike at Centraal Station and start biking home, I suddenly realise it won't be long anymore. I pass the frozen canals and the 16th or 17th century houses. In the Haarlemmerstraat I look up at some of the stepped gables. From the bridge over the Prinsengracht there's a view on the Westertoren in the distance, bathing in the last bit of red light from the dawning sun. An old lady is sitting on the bridge, playing the accordion despite the freezing cold. I keep biking. I ring my bell for a group of tourists, too drunk or too stoned to really notice me. A man curses and I smile. I've lived in this city for 12 years now. It's time to move on.

I'll miss Amsterdam more than I want to admit right now.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Pants Yell! - The city life
2. Nana Grizol - Cirlces 'round the moon
3. The Best Wishes - The best sort of wishes


Dimitra Daisy said...

Another lovely post -- I'm afraid this blog is becoming one of my favourites...

Unknown said...

the city life is brilliant! pants yell! are one of my favorites.