February 23, 2009

The coincidence of love / The love of coincidence

Did I ever tell you about how I met my girlfriend?

I realise it's not of much interest to you. But I've been thinking about it a bit after this recent post in which I shone my negative light on those website statistic thingies, and I realised that that was not completely fair. Because without one my life would have been extremely different right now!

I'll quote myself just this one time:

"Then, after a while, I made the mistake of installing a website traffic counter. You know, one of those things that keep track of the amount of people visiting your website and the URL where they're coming from."

So, you know, that's what I obsessed about for a little while. Which made it easy for me to notice that suddenly my blog was getting quite some visitors from a forum called Bowlie, where someone had linked to a post I'd written about some of the live covers Belle & Sebastian had done. Wanting to leave a reply, I registered at the forum, choosing as a lazy username the initials of my then blog: RITH.

"What did I win and what did I lose?"

Well, shortly after I joined the forum, this girl at the other end of the world joined it too. For unclear random reasons, she chose my stupid username to click on first thing after she joined, leading her to my profile. She said hi.

Flash-forward four years. The Bowlie forum does not exist anymore, but this girl will soon give birth to my son.

Aw. Yes. Yes, I know. I'm sorry. That's a much too long introduction to a short message.

What I really meant to say, is that sometimes I get blown away by how the tiniest of things, the most insignificent seeming decisions, the most forgettable of moments... how those often turn out to be the ones that completely turn your life upside down. Every little moment can have enormous impact; you just don't know it yet. It makes life very exciting and also a bit scary.

Now think for a moment. Are you going to download these songs or not? Careful now. Take another second. Yes? No?

Either way, I might just have changed your life completely.

Sorry/You're welcome.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Klaus & Kinski - Flash-back al revés
2. Daniel Johnston - True love will find you in the end
3. Girlfrendo - Surprise, surprise


Anonymous said...

Awww...what a sweet story :)

alex said...

You met your girlfriend on Bowlie? That's so wonderful! B&S always rise as the great unifying force.

p.s. i installed a statcounter and it truly fascinates me.

Dennis said...

Yes, we should call our son Sebastian! Too bad my cousin already has that name, sort of. Or maybe it'd be a bad idea anyway.

Ooh, you got a statcounter? I'll be the Dutch visitor who comes from this URL quite a lot. It IS fascinating, isn't it? It's so strange to me to see that a guy from Bangkok, or Lima or wherever is reading what I just wrote here.

Anonymous said...

:) Naming kids after bands is the thing to do. Or maybe pick a song instead?