February 13, 2009

Everything's for sale (new Liechtenstein)

Liechtenstein, probably the best current band around, have a new three track CDR out.

Everything's For Sale is available on the Drill Building label through Fraction Discs. You know you want it. If it's anything nearly as brilliant as the previous two singles, you just know you want it.

Liechtenstein myspace
Fraction Discs


Songs for Girls said...

hey Dennis,
i was thinking why don't you make a girl-group mix? i would love to hear one from you!

Songs for Girls said...

i take your silence as a YES.......

Dennis said...

Haha, you're being optimistics. I like that. Well... who knows! I'm not an expert per se, but perhaps I can compile something nice.

Dennis said...

Don't you hate that? When you post a comment, and as soon as it's THERE you see your mistakes?

Anyway, you know what I mean.

Songs for Girls said...

nah, it's fun. me and Xanthi are really optimistics!!!
ps. of course you're an expert. you're just making up excuses to avoid getting down to work mr. lazy!