April 15, 2009

Indiepop in Holland

It's funny (although not funny) how I think indiepop, write indiepop, and listen to indiepop on an almost daily basis, but that there's no indiepop in the Netherlands. At all. Well, The Cuties. But that's it, as far as I know. Where are all the hidden Dutch popbands and popfans?

If there's no community, create one. So, in my search for those very few people in the Netherlands who share a love for indiepop, I started a last.fm group, here:


At the moment, there are only six members, but that's already five more than I expected!
Who knows one day... Amsterdam Popfest 2013?


mamutopia said...

Nog een lid erbij!

Iets heel anders: met mijn verjaardag heb ik het hele oeuvre van 'Dear Nora' gekregen :D

Dennis said...

Da's geen slecht kado! En ervan uitgaande dat dat pas geleden was... nog gefeliciteerd!

martijn said...

Almere popfest. :-)

Did you ever hear the band Safe Home Dennis? Really lovely quiet indiepop by two former Nightblooms members. From Utrecht!

Do Damer still exist? Probably not; but they did call their second EP Twee and they intended the pun. And don't forget Furtips, probably the only Dutch band who can claim to be influenced by Television Personalities.

martijn said...

(Think of a comma inserted at the first line of the second paragraph. Although "Safe Home Dennis" would be a lovely name too.)

pplist said...

Utrecht's The Happy Few are absolutely primo. Scroll down here, if't please you: