July 12, 2009

New Hidden Cameras

The Hidden Cameras return! First, at the end of next week, there'll be the In The NA EP, and the new album Origin:Orphan is set for a September 22 release, both on Arts&Crafts.

Listening to the new song posted below (Walk on), a heavily orchestrated and dark piece of music, it would seem that the Cameras take on a new direction. They call the album their "...most spirited sounding record to date."

I can't help but hope there'll be still plenty of good old uptempo tunes as well, because an album full with this sound would give the happiest man a nasty headache. It's not bad, just damn depressing.

The Hidden Cameras website
The Hidden Cameras myspace

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Hidden Cameras - Walk on


NOISEBOX said...

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Marianthi said...

Been listening to this song for a week now and I still can't decide whether I like it or whether I find it absolutely terrifying. A bit of both. It does scare the shit out of me though.