September 04, 2009

Rose Melberg - Homemade ship

Where It's At Is Where You Are and K Records finally bring us one of the most anticipated (by me, at least) albums of the year, the new Rose Melberg (of solo-, Tiger Trap-, the Softies- and Go Sailor-fame). I haven't heard a single note yet, but based on all her previous work I'm quite confident about its brilliance.

From the K website:

A small masterpiece, Melberg uses just a guitar and vocals on Homemade Ship (with occasional harmony vocal and piano work provided by Larissa Loyva of The Choir Practice and P:ano), offering helpful and insightfully delicate lyrics to perfectly ease out of sorrow and into contentment. At the forefront, her voice holds a warmth and generosity that adds strength and hopefulness to her aching lyrics.

Rose Melberg myspace
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Download (Mediafire)
1. Rose Melberg - Cast away the clouds
2. The Softies - Me and the bees
3. Tiger Trap - Words and smiles
4. Go Sailor - Long distance


mamutopia said...

Ah, bedankt voor de tip! Ik ben benieuwd!

version control geek said...

Thanks for sharing. Rose melberg's voice comfort me at night.