September 02, 2009

Stop! In the name of love

The last three or four interviews intended for this weblog that I sent out via e-mail (after an initial "Sure Dennis, that'd be lovely! Thank you for asking us!"-reaction from the band) I never got back. I haven't been to a concert for over a year, and it's been so much longer since I've seen what anyone would dare to call a popshow. I haven't even found the time to sit down at home and listen to more than two songs in a row in the last five months. I don't know one person in my 'real' life who likes the music I love. I don't have the money to buy any records anymore. I do, but shouldn't.

Is it realistic to still try to maintain a music weblog?
Am I turning into an old man?
Is any of this important?
Or interesting?

No. Maybe. No. And... nope.

Do I still love music? Pop? Life?

Definitely. Yes, and yes!

There is enough to write about, but life and love keep getting in the way.
Which is a good thing, in a way.

The main motivations to start this weblog were to keep myself updated with interesting music, to practice my English writing skills and to practice some writing in general. All those motivations still stand (and all still need improving). So I guess I'm not done yet.

Ehm... so, tell me what's new? Send me records?
Mixtapes? Zines?
A time machine?


Dimitra Daisy said...

I've got that problem too, I think: what happens when you sort of grow out of the scene but don't really grow out of it?

Unknown said...

Hey Dennis! It happens - life gets in the way. Drop me your address and I'll send you over the Odd Box releases that are coming up.


alex said...

I don't think you're the only one asking those questions, Dennis. You have something far more important in your life now!

Dennis said...

I'm sure when things settle down a bit more I'll find my time for music again; it's what I'm hoping for at least. I'm going to 'need' it one day, and it should be possible.

Thanks Trev! Don't want to be a parasite, but I'll PM you my address anyway!

And indeed Alex, music is only a nice bonus, not the most important thing. But everyone needs a soundtrack to their lives, right?